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Monday, August 20, 2012

Scott The Gem Guy has a new blog!

Scott The Gem Guy has a new Blogger blog at:
This new blog will be run in sync with out twitter and facebook pages.
Follow for updates, progress and news
about our new website in progress.
Scott The Gem Guy sitemap

Our sitemap is located at:

Scott The Gem Guy Website Updates

The new website is coming along at a grand pace and will be ready to launch soon.
For now visit to see the progress.
Scott the Gem Guy is now alive on facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, blogger, picasa,,
and the home website. It's all evolving, and we're still in the construction process,
but will be ready soon!
Till then, stay tuned, have fun and enjoy life.
Scott the Gem Guy

Friday, August 17, 2012

Scott The Gem Guy -

Scott The Gem Guy logo

Scott The Gem Guy has a new website being developed as of this
moment, it will be done and launched very soon. But we will
post all info and updates on this blog regarding the website.
This blog is under construction, as the website is being built.
We will be ready to launch soon. This blog is available in a
mobile version for iphones and android smartphones.
Scott The Gem is a San Diego based GIA certified gemologist,
with an eye and taste for exotic, rare, unique hard to find gems,
minerals, and jewelry. Scott is also a creative talented jewelry
designer and maker who specializes in the "unique".
Stay tuned, we're just getting started!

Visit our site which is under construction.

Our blog address:

Our facebook page:

Our Twitter link:

Our Youtube channel:

Our Linkedin profile:

Our mobile website for iphones and android:

Feedburner RSS feed: ScottTheGemGuySanDiegoGemologist

And the new email address:

Scott The Gem Guy